A Toast to the Earnest Entrepreneur.

A Toast to the Earnest Entrepreneur.

The F&B industry has witnessed a revolutionary state of affairs. Coupled with urbanization and the trend of eating out, the rise of the food industry has been steadily going uphill. Lifestyles have changed and there is no dearth of disposable income.

Eating out is becoming more prevalent and the masses increasingly look for new places to eat. This change in demographics aided with quality international and domestic operators has contributed to the eating out culture.

According to FICCI-Indian Food Industry Report, there will be quantum growth of 10% from 2017 to 2022. Bengaluru has experienced a hike in the number of pubs 269 pubs in 2014 to 406 in 2018, accounting for a 50.9% increase in four years.

The entrepreneur today finds it exciting to spread their wings and explore the F&B industry. Until a few years ago, QSR was the dominant mode of operation. Today, the scene is much different. Today the scene is different with casual dining emerging as a key target segment as well as the dominant category across high streets; followed by pubs and bars.

The boom in the hospitality sector has also resulted in an enormous leap of the services at offer through high-end restaurants, innovative kitchen art, world-class food offerings and so on. This, in turn, is also reflecting in the workforce which is able to keep up high-standards. Earlier, bartenders with sound knowledge in the craft would train their subordinates on the job.

The status quo has been ousted today with professional courses being readily available to job seekers who wish to learn the craft before entering the workforce. This rapid evolution has paved the way for beakers, torches and jars of mysterious bubbling fluids or test tubes, which were once only seen at chemistry labs, pointing towards the significance of innovation and experience in the F&B sector.

The F&B industry is labour intensive and faces a shortage of manpower. On the basis of a FICCI report, the direct employment in restaurant industry in India (FY 2017)  was  estimated to be at  6.3 mn and is  likely  to reach 9.3 mn by FY 2022, which implies that approximately 6,00,000 skilled manpower will be required in this industry every year. Only 50,000 graduates pass out from government or private institutions in hospitality sector every year. This leaves a huge gap requirement for talented manpower in restaurant industry.

The implications of this report suggest that a constant and competent workforce is required to sustain the growth trajectory of the Hospitality Industry. To fill in the demand-supply gap, the Skill Institutes play a huge role, which through professional training are making young aspirants job ready for the F&B industry through short-term courses in hospitality and further offering courses in Bartending & Mixology, which enable them to earn a respectable salary.

The job prospects are more brighter in India today, thanks to the growth being experienced by the F&B industry. A full time career in this field has the potential to provide you with a well-paid job along with multiple travel opportunities.

The corporate sector is a viable option for the skilled bartender and mixologist to pursue. Gaining work experience as a bartender or a mixologist can land you up as a tasting and training expert with leading alcohol brands. The rise in convenience trend is resulting in growing market of ready to drink cocktails, which can potentially open up avenues for such experts across leading alcohol brands as well as FMCG brands.

There is a prolific career growth within this industry ranging from supervisory jobs at offer, such as dining room supervisor, maitre d’, assistant manager, or restaurant general manager. The right concoction of capital and skills in bartending and mixology can empower the aspirant to open their own bars, offering signature and exclusive drinks.

This rise in interest levels of students has paved the way for standardized, focused and comprehensive courses on Bartending and Mixology. The courses offered ensure that they give exposure to learning about various wine & spirits, detailed understanding of bar setup and equipment, method of making cocktails and memorizing the elaborate list of ingredients, training sessions at live bars, visit from industry experts and so on.

At times, in-depth understanding on the method of making various spirits, management of inventory and introduction to molecular mixology is also at offer.

The F&B industry is flourishing and creating success stories for numerous expectants hoping to establish their careers and earn a good and respectable income.

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