Alert : Mobile Phones have robbed us of everything.

Alert : Mobile Phones have robbed us of everything.

Of 7 billion people on earth, 6 billion owns a cell phone, shocking? Only 4.5 billion have access to a working toilet.

93% of young people aged between 18-29 report using their Smartphone as a tool to avoid boredom; as supposed to other activities such as reading books or engaging with people around them. Have you ever had the chance of speaking through a physical phone aka Landline? rolling the dial pad, pressing the physical buttons as if you are a typist, then you must be fortunate.

Young people will never know the joy of an old missed call, blocking up of calls or even hanging up. Cell phones have robbed us of everything.

They are robbing us of our intelligence. They are turning out to be the only reason that human beings de-evolve. We have started to go to the stone ages because of those things. Everything about them is turning us into apes again;” Neanderthals”. Look at your thumbs! We spend so much time texting and sending messages that we feel like they have started curling over like monkey hands. We’ve gotten really good at typing and Grabbing branches.

Everything about those phones is robbing us of our humanity. We were proud because we evolved, we stand, and we walk tall. And then we got our phones and now every day we spend like hunching on our back and over time we are going to go back down to the ground.

If you’re looking at your phone sitting down, your spine angle is equivalent to an 8-year-old child sitting on your neck. An average of 4.7 hours a day people spend looking at their phone. In Asia, 80-90% are nearsighted due to the fact of combined usage of cell phones and computers.

We have lost it. We don’t know how to communicate anymore. Everyone uses emojis nowadays for everything. Emojis emojis emojis everywhere! No one even uses words.

Eventually send a paragraph to your friend saying you did this, that for a day and the day was good, blah blah blah, and then your friend replies with a smiley face emoji and some, even without reading the paragraph. And worst case scenario is when someone tries to deliver information.

Women’s representation in this dilemma is that they are obsessed with taking selfies. A real fact: An average woman spends 50% of her day thinking about when she can take her next selfie.

We have stopped communicating. Cell phones are making us dumb through applications and games especially. The rewards in a game you achieve rewards your brain with a little bit of dopamine. This probes the brain to do further and accelerates our addiction towards it. It is iterated as “Compulsion Loop”- similar to addiction towards nicotine and cocaine.

Smartphones completely change our ability to access information- most notably in poor and minority populations. 7% of Indians are entirely dependent on smartphones for information, medical services, jobs, and much more.

Our urge must not be coming to terms that our phones are in no way exclusively bad. They have been a part of positive change in the world, but definitely, they are changing “US” or can we say “Robbing us”.

They robbed us of our table clocks, calculators, calendars and even human Interactions. These lacunae can only be considered shut only of the society’s mindset changes.

‘WE MUST BE THE MASTER OF OUR DEVICES AND NOT VICE-VERSA’. Open your eyes and mind. Educate, Liberate and Celebrate. Let’s stop ourselves from getting robbed.

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