So the next time you see people ganging up on someone, don’t be a mute spectator.

There was once a girl named Daisy As she grew older, everyone around her could see that she was special What made her

NOVEL FOR YOU: A Suitable Boy – a must read Novel (Perennial Classics) by Vikram Seth.

NOVEL FOR YOU: A Suitable Boy -  BUY NOW A must read Novel (Perennial Classics) by Vikram Seth About the

BEST BOOK: Saying No to Jugaad – The Making of Bigbasket by T.N. Hari

Saying No to Jugaad: The Making of Bigbasket - BUY NOW Saying No to Jugaad is a riveting account of how the start-up

Dreams and Desires shares a thin margin between them and that’s the line of Limitations.

We all dream of something, we all have the desire for something, but in the urge to achieve them we always forget

SELF LOVE: People try to pull you down but you need to neglect them and walk forward.

Self love (noun): Regards for one’s own well-being & happiness In this world full of stress, hardships,

INSPIRATION: Always be polite in life. Humility is extremely important when seeking help.

An inspector was greatly influenced by the teachings and siddhis of a saint He had heard about it by now Never met He

VOICES : I am questioned for being a girl, questioned for being a bold person.

I hear voices Voices that make me want to cry Voices that call me 'FAT', 'UGLY', 'DISGUSTING' and what not These voices

Dear Mary Kom, We all have watched your biopic and in end left the theatres with tears.

Dear World Champion, I still remember my school time when you introduced me to the world of boxing when I

MOTIVATION: 4 Daily Activities that one should do to keep oneself Motivated!

Are you right now in a dilemma that you're of no worth Or do you have the same feel like "most of the people"

Confident vs Overconfident – Before getting into any decision, think it twice.

Having confidence in life is very good, but overconfidence can destroy things easily When you are over confident, you