Mental Health

STRESS : In easy terms is a feeling or emotion that arises in humans when they are overloaded and overburdened.

Stress, in easy terms is a feeling or emotion that arises in humans when they are overloaded and overburdened They

SELF LOVE: Body shaming and how to overcome it.

Unneccesary and rigorous judgements that are not even slightly required to be passed on, has become a fashion for many

SELF LOVE: People try to pull you down but you need to neglect them and walk forward.

Self love (noun): Regards for one’s own well-being & happiness In this world full of stress, hardships,

INSPIRATION: Always be polite in life. Humility is extremely important when seeking help.

An inspector was greatly influenced by the teachings and siddhis of a saint He had heard about it by now Never met He

VOICES : I am questioned for being a girl, questioned for being a bold person.

I hear voices Voices that make me want to cry Voices that call me 'FAT', 'UGLY', 'DISGUSTING' and what not These voices

MOTIVATION: 4 Daily Activities that one should do to keep oneself Motivated!

Are you right now in a dilemma that you're of no worth Or do you have the same feel like "most of the people"

Confident vs Overconfident – Before getting into any decision, think it twice.

Having confidence in life is very good, but overconfidence can destroy things easily When you are over confident, you

Being alone is not a problem, feeling alone is. Sit down and analyze.

Demand to live alone is snowballing But what is the unseen reality that is driving this phenomenon The first thing that

Consider your room newly painted with your favorite Colors.

Yesterday I was driving back to my home from college Speed was 45 kmph and I was hitting at every signal I was watching

Loving oneself gives more strength, power, acknowledgment and a choice to evade naysayers.

It gives me great aesthetic pleasure to think about how wonderful people I have around me I have developed