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Alert : Mobile Phones have robbed us of everything.

Of 7 billion people on earth, 6 billion owns a cell phone, shocking Only 45 billion have access to a working

AMAZON : It’s time to enjoy badi savings on new beginnings at the Amazon Great Indian Sale.

Amazon Great Indian Sale Link Here : BUY NOW Amazonin has announced its Great Indian Sale starting from 19 to 22

Beef Ban in India and it’s Socio-cultural effects.

Cattle slaughter, especially cow slaughter is a controversial topic in India because of the cattle's traditional status

Employment: About 94% of Engineers are not fit for their role and remains unemployed.

As the employment options are increasing day by day, the chances of the engineers being hired are also decreasing Now

India is heading towards middle income trap.

Yes, India is heading towards Middle income trap Since the trade deficit is 15 billion dollars this may, and it is

Is India That Republic A Nation?

The Indian constitution opens with the words that India is a democratic and a republic nation After independence, the

Do i really need to pay TAXES? Just to line a politician’s pocket.

A few days ago i remember seeing people from different walks of life celebrating the victory of a party that i do not