Social Issues

Let there be only 1 Trial: The Court Trial.

Let there be only 1 Trial: The Court Trial Dissent Or Sedition This question surely has got an ambiguous answer

ALERT: Increasing cost of education in India.

The increasing cost of education in India is one of the social issues which every one of us is facing yet we fail to

Inter-caste marriage can become the foundation of many revolutions.

I am writing this article based on my experiences and discussion with some of my friends It is disturbing for me that

MARITAL RAPE and FORCED MARRIAGES are still in practise.

we live in 21st century, where people, technology and many things are being developed and changed and yet there are

Meritorius students are loosing their chance to study in the best colleges.

Reservations in a developing country like India has always proved to be a interference in the building blocks of the

A widow is seen as a sign of inauspiciousness even in the 21st century.

Sati is still practiced! You must be thinking Raja Ram Mohan Roy had protested and carried out the propaganda

Raja Rammohan Roy was a model social reformer & revolted against the suppression of women.

Raja Rammohan Ray was a Brahmin man born in a Brahmin family with an appetite to cure the social stigmas of Bengal This

Liberalism Vs Communitarianism : Is There Middle Ground?

Liberalism and communitarism are two prongs upon which a major chunk of the deliberations and critiques of political

Modern India with a Tough choice.

Living in the modern world, the 21st century gives it’s women a very tough choice to choose between a  sanitary

God Made LGBTQ + People.

The Oxford Dictionary translates “gay” as a person, especially a man who is homosexual This 3 letter word gained