Confident vs Overconfident – Before getting into any decision, think it twice.

Confident vs Overconfident – Before getting into any decision, think it twice.

Having confidence in life is very good, but overconfidence can destroy things easily. When you are over confident, you are taking a great risk with your coming success.

Why you become overconfident?
Sometimes you rate your competence too high and which makes things out of control.

You can get success in two ways-
Personal planning and external world or society support. More than 50% role is played by the external world. And when that society praises you for your work, you find yourself very superior and become overconfident for what you are doing.

Let’s set an example- an educated man holding a good government job thinks to join political background. Then what happens, he leaves his government job, stand in assembly elections and loses it. He lost government job and assembly election seat as well. This adventure proved to be beyond his capacity. Now he is in trouble. Over confidence can destroy your life.

So, the best thing is before getting into any decision, first think it thrice, consult a known person, objectify everything and don’t step into a wrong decision. And if you saw the reality, admit it and know the reality.

Confidence can lead you to success but overconfidence can make that success destroy.

There is a saying young man sees the rule and old man sees the exception. Likewise, overconfident person sees the rule and confident person sees the exception. If you are overconfident you are taking risk with your life. They say “confidence is good, but overconfidence always sinks the ship”

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