Do i really need to pay TAXES? Just to line a politician’s pocket.

Do i really need to pay TAXES? Just to line a politician’s pocket.

A few days ago i remember seeing people from different walks of life celebrating the victory of a party that i do not think the middle class are even invited into, I am talking about the party which has won in the general elections 2019.

Now right after the budget, i do not see the celebrations anymore.

There has been an increment of 78% in the collection of taxes in the previous year. It is a thing that has been thrown around as a really positive fact in our faces. What I want the youth to ask is, ‘Is it ?’. There has been a exponential rise in the collection of taxes but when it comes to putting the taxes of a man’s labor to good use, i sincerely think that is an area where our government has lacking.

All of us know about the tax schemes, the demonetization of Indian currency (which I fully support by the way) but how many of us know about the law that has declared that a party fighting in an election does not need to declare their income sources or where they get funds to fight the election.

It could be that the leader you voted for had his campaign funded by the money of a gangster or even worse, by black money which we paid in taxes with our hard labor.

Now we all know there are laws by which our country is governed, there are budget allocations by which our country divides the taxpayer’s money but as we all know the depth to which corruption has gripped our society. Each and everyone of you who is reading the article must have at least once in your life experienced bribery or some other such sensitive issue.

How hard do you think it would be for a miscreant at the head of a job steal some of that good tax money for himself to enjoy luxury? Again keep in mind we have booth lived in this country and know how things happen here.

I support taxes and have no issue paying them but do i really need to pay taxes just to line a politician’s pocket. And i am not the only one who thinks that way, India has the highest number of people who participate in money laundering and tax evasion however small the case may be.

To understand how deep this problem of tax evasion goes just ask an elderly how much ‘TDS’ does he give on his accounts and fixed deposits which returns after a while as senior citizens are not charged with it and then compare that number with the working member of your family. You might see fist hand the magic of tax evasion.

To tackle the issue of tax evasion it is necessary that we are guaranteed or see that our hard earned money is going into the development of this country and not in some politician’s pocket. Then and only then would we ever hope to solve the problem of tax evasion and money laundering. – A concerned Indian Youth.

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