Do we really need this reservation system?

Do we really need this reservation system?

The system of reservations came into existence after independence. Earlier the caste based reservation was meant to be implemented for 10 years with a limit of 50% reserved seats. The primary objective of the reservation system in India was to enhance the social and educational status of underprivileged communities and people thus improve their lives.

But after 10 years the duration expanded with several amendments been made for the SC/ST and OBC. Recently the government announced the 10% reservation in educational institutions and government jobs for economically weaker section of general category. This makes the total reserved seats of 59.50% and the rest seats are open to all.

Do we really need this reservation system?

Where is the equity? When one person is getting job or admission without any hard work just because of caste and the other person despite of being more talented, more efficient and more hardworking couldn't secure a good position.

I am totally aware of the fact that the reserved category people did suffered a lot during earlier days which makes it reasonable to give them reservations for some time so that they can educate themselves and get jobs.

But why now? When they are educated and can educate there children why every generation is getting this reservation. See around yourself and you will see many SC/ST/OBC working in government jobs getting admission into the top most college and enjoying their life.

What about the general people?

This reservation system makes the general category people feel like they have committed a crime. A person from reserved category even after securing less marks than a general category easily gets seat in a top college and a general category student even after so much of hard work couldn't get into a good college. Why? Just because he is from general category. What about the talent he had what about the hard work he did ?

Do we really need the caste to define us? Why not stop asking 'CASTE' in any exam or job?

It's high time now that we understand that caste should not define any person. Caste reservation should not stop a talented person from getting a job or admission.

Why not abolish this reservation system which is not treating people with equity but is just acting to do so.

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