FEMINISM: What is feminism?

FEMINISM: What is feminism?

The hot topic for debate nowadays is feminism.

– What is feminism?

– How can anyone be a feminist isn’t this thing just for females?

– How is Patriarchy related to feminism?

These are some of the questions people usually have; I mean I also had these questions at some point. Almost two years ago I had no idea what it actually meant, but then I heard it quite often so I decided to read and research about it. I read many articles, blogs, books; I even followed some really great feminists on Instagram. So now I know about it.

Feminism clarifies women and men are equal and that’s it no further additions. By equality I mean cerebral equality not physical. As a feminist all I want is equal opportunity as compared to men, I don’t want to be looked down upon just because I’m a female or not of the same physical strength of that of a male.

This is what feminism means to me. I am not asking for any favors or reservations just because of my gender and you know this doesn’t make me feel empowered, in fact it makes me feel weak as if I need special care and attention to prove myself and my capability.

Now anyone can be a feminist, a feminist is a person who sees both men and women equal and is not biased. Men can also be feminist I mean being a feminist doesn’t require any special skills. People who understand the fact that women are equal to men in the terms of cerebral opportunity are true feminists.

Patriarchy plays a very important role in the concept of feminism. Patriarchy asserts that men are superior to women. Now when the patriarchy itself says about the superiority of men then who are we to question it.

That’s where we are wrong we need to change it and by change I don’t mean to tell men that we are superior because there is nothing like superiority when we talk about equality. I mean I want to be equal to a man in terms of my knowledge, skills, capability and not g getting questioned about the things I choose or decide to do.

I can work in a top multinational and still take care of my old parents. I can be a stand-up comedian and also a mother, I can do both and I want to do this not because I want to prove myself but because this will make me happy.

Talking about empowerment of women, people can make women feel empowered by letting them do what they want to, not by providing them with extra care, favors or reservations; we don’t need that. We don’t want free rides in the metro, we don’t want the ‘Ladies First’ in every scenario, we don’t want anyone to pay our bills because we can do all of it.

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