Flight Review: My most surprising flight of the Year.

Flight Review: My most surprising flight of the Year.

Some incidents surprise a person’s mind. It may be your birthday surprise from your friends, your riches, etc. I felt this surprise in my first flight of this month on Srilankan Airlines A321 flight from Dubai International Airport Terminal-1 to Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport. There are a lot of reasons for this surprise on this flight. I am going to tell to you everything in this blog.

The first surprise as an Aviation geek is that it was the first time I was taking an Airbus A321 flight. I have tried other types in Airbus such as A330, A320, etc but not A321. There are other surprises for this flight and also how this flight went for me.

My journey started from the Dubai International Airport on 11 June 2019 at 17:00. The boarding started by 16:20 with firstly calling the passengers with special assistance required. Then the other was boarded. This narrow body had an economy Class cabin in a 3-3 configuration. But fortunately, I got the seat in the Aisle close to the Exit at the back which is seat 11F. The front row had only 2 seats and there was a lot of space in my seat. The first impression of the seat is that the seat is narrow but with good leg space. The recline of the seat was okay but not very great.

The Flight took off by 17:00 which is the perfect time with the scheduled departure time. The departure was smooth from Dubai and the flight took us 4 hours to reach Colombo. For this long flight, the Entertainment system is key to such a flight. The entertainment in Srilankan Airlines was spot on. There were a substantial amount of choices with around 114 English movies and a lot of Hindi, Chinese, Tamil, Sinhalese, and films from other languages.

The IFE also has new films such as Captain Marvel, Aquaman, and other wonderful films. The IFE system according to me is solid and can help you sustain a long flight. The service started 20-30 minutes after the flight departed. The menu was pretty good and solid with 2 main course dishes one Butter Chicken and other Fish White curry with a vegetarian option. The desert was sago pudding which is a classic Srilankan dessert. The service was pretty fast and appealing.

The crew was extremely polite and was very eager to serve. I was feeling that I was in a business class not in economy class. The food was good and served in good bowls and the food also tasted well. The main course was pretty tasty but not great. The dessert was the star of the food. It was pretty interesting to have a tasty meal on a flight. Then I went to the toilet. The toilet was clean and had cologne and all the things were intact. There were not a lot of amenities. The amenities kept were in proper shape.

The rest of the flight was pretty spent on watching movies such as Captain Marvel, Sarkar, and other famous movies. It was a pretty good experience. We arrived at Colombo Bandaranaike Airport by 22:55 pm night. The landing was safe and smooth.

To conclude the review the overall experience it was pretty surprising and a very interesting flight. The crew was one of the best I have seen in terms of the politeness and care they shown in the service. The overall experience was interesting. But they were certain improvements needed in the flight.

The first was in reference to the seat and also the improvement in the recline of the seat. The second was the boarding which was done pretty hastily with fewer announcements given. The next is in reference to the IFE system which was pretty solid but could have had more inclusion of movies.

Hereby, the flight review concludes. For more reviews tune into Library of Sorts.

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