God Made LGBTQ + People.

God Made LGBTQ + People.

The Oxford Dictionary translates “gay” as a person, especially a man who is homosexual. This 3 letter word gained popularity from the 1960’s as the term preferred by homosexual men to describe themselves. Keeping this definition of the word aside, there is another meaning of the word, a rather old meaning. A double-entendre, this word can be interpreted as “cheerful”, “full of mirth”, “carefree” etc. However, this definition of the word has now become archaic and in this socially advanced 21st century this word can be safely assumed to label a homosexual person.

Let us go back a few decades earlier and revisit the times of a hugely successful and marketable cartoon series, where the opening theme song has a line which goes like this-“We’ll have a gay old time. “Interestingly, the first episode aired on 30 September 1960, around the same time when gay, meaning “homosexual” became established as the word assigned to describe homosexuals.

It is somewhat ironic that the word which meant “cheerful” slowly metamorphosed into meaning a person who is sexually attracted to people of one’s own sex. So, as the most advanced members of the evolutionary ladder, humans are endowed with cerebral matter, acumen, the power of intelligence and judgment, which renders them into being the highest form of animals, and yet, even as mere animals species don’t frown upon hermaphroditism, homosexuality, transexuality and in fact adapt to it, the most advanced species does. Many species like the Common Archduke Butterfly (Lexias pardalis) is a rare half-male, half-female butterfly, with a condition called gynandromorph, which means outwardly having both male and female characteristics.

As onlookers, thinking, speaking, writing, eating, mammals that walk on two feet, we find these dual-sex animals to be stunning, a rare, yet beautiful creation of nature. If, by some unfortunate ill luck, a person, thinking, speaking, writing, eating, walking on two feet mammal has organs of both the sexes, then, in keeping with “tradition” and carrying forward the word of God, we must ostracize these “diseased” men and women who suffer from disorders. We must ridicule them and reduce them to creatures that aren’t worthy to be a part of the social structure. To these conservative lobbyists, we must pass on the clarity of thought. Perspectives need to be altered, but above all, reasoning should be championed.

As believers in God, a superhuman being, whose very identity remains yet to present itself to mankind, who Himself is attributed as a man, almost never characterized as a woman, we choose to worship “Him” in temples, mosques, gurudwars, churches, and many countless places we deem to be sacred. Our fanaticism sees no bounds when it comes to worshiping the Almighty “Him” whose name furnishes many synonyms in Google with the click of a button.

We worship stones, rocks, trees and almost anything, because man is by nature, a god-fearing species. As devout followers of orthodox customs, one may argue that the world would be in shambles if homosexuality is given an elbow room. But let Reason (I give humanly qualities to reason), prevail. Let us have a tete-a-tete with Reason and find out if orthodox homophobes have an edge or unprejudiced humans who embrace queerness as normal have the edge.

Firstly, “traditional values”, make it impossible to construct an accurate picture of what that means because no such construct ever existed in the narrow scope and context in which a conservative would mean it simply because they have a myopic view of the issues around the world. Secondly, if “He”, the one residing up above was satisfied with heterosexuality then He simply wouldn’t have created so many new sexual identities. Thirdly, as much as this is a cliche, it is, nonetheless a very strong argument, what an individual does in the privacy of his or her bedroom, who they choose to be with, what they choose to wear should be nobody’s concern save the one who is in question.

Gay Pride month is a much anticipated time of the year for queers and non-queers too who believe in the LGBT+ cause. Some are jubilant of Pride Day. Applying the archaic definition of gay here, “gays become gay when the Pride Day arrives”. Countless men and women, transgenders share in the breathtaking knowledge that we are all connected, partners in crime and in celebration. Others are whiners, always wanting to see the bad side of everything. “Pride is one big ad-infested swamp, grouch the naysayers through snarled lips.” Keep a perfect riposte ready: “So what?” Pride is about the big issues – the getting together, the bonding. But it is also about the very little. Pride is about me. Pride is about you. Pride is about the community. Pride is what we make of it.

Conservatives often argue that gays shouldn’t be proud for being gay, after all, they are but mere pansies in a misogynist, macho world, and should be medically treated to rid themselves of this illness. To these conservative whiners an apt reply is tailor-made: being straight, gay or lesbian or a transgender doesn’t entitle someone to being proud. Being human does. And the LGBT+ community constitutes humans, same as you or me, who were either made up of XY chromosome but identified with the XX chromosome, the XX chromosome who identified with the XY chromosome, the XX chromosome who loves another XX chromosome, the XY chromosome who wants to share his life with another XY chromosome or someone who is made up of both the XX and XY chromosome.

Let gays be gay. If “non-gays” can be gay by being merry, gays should be allowed to be merry too. And if, still the argumentative and stubborn conservative whiner remains staunch on being a homophobe then let two queers marry each other. This would put an end to the question of gay altogether. Reasoning has to hand the medal to someone and it can’t smash it into two pieces. Thus, it passes it down to Humanity. For it is Humanity who knows that being gay is human, and God made humans LGBT+.

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