Munnar: A lush landscape, picturesque places, a breathtaking view, a Paradise on Earth.

Munnar: A lush landscape, picturesque places, a breathtaking view, a Paradise on Earth.

A lush landscape, picturesque places, a breathtaking view from which you will refuse to divert your gaze, Munnar is a travel junkie’s paradise. It offers a potpourri of activities for you to engage in and if  the monotony of daily life is getting to you  and you can’t seem to stop the brakes on it, pause and head over to Munnar and you will be greeted with several options to choose from to rejuvenate yourself.

I visited this beautiful hill station and no brownie points for guessing that I decided to take out my journal and keep a track of the places you should visit if Munnar is in your sight.

1. You have been planning to experience a shikara ride but didn’t quite find the time for it. Munnar has just the spot for you. Kundala dam and lake presents a unique opportunity for you to bask amidst the beauty of nature. Take a ride in the shikara and get to witness the hills and valleys that adorn the lake. If you plan your trip cleverly, you might get to see the Neelakurinji flowers which bloom every 12 years.

2. Rock climbing and rappelling will surely give you an adrenaline rush. Be sure to add this to your list when you visit Munnar. Worry not, you will have suitable guidance and to help you in your quest for rock climbing and adventure sports, National Adventure Foundation organizes activities.

3. Night under the stars, surrounded by wildlife, staying in a camp with soothing music gets you excited, doesn’t it? Enjoy forest camping at Chokkarmudi Hills with a relaxing campfire. The experience is sure to remain etched in your memory. Photographers and travelers will get a kick out of the campfire and delicious meals accompanying you after a trek is sure to lift up your spirits.

4. Ever heard of the Tahr? Commonly known as the Nilgiri goat, the Tahr is on the verge of extinction. Before it completely goes out of sight, visit Rajmala hills to get a glimpse of this rare species of goat. A small hill station, it is home to the Nilgiri goats and lets you dive into wildlife and you get to savour the natural habitat of the Tahr.

5. If one of the reasons why you chose Munnar is to escape the crowd of a city life, then stay at a tree house is the perfect thing to do if you want some peace and tranquility. Tree houses, locally, are called Erumadam and are made out of bamboo, hay or straw. A number of resorts are easily available for the traveler to spend a night or a few nights against a backdrop of spice and tea plantations with his family and friends.

Depending on your budget, you can squeeze in a stay at a tree house and share the experience with your colleagues in the workplace once you return from the trip or be the envy of your friends’ circle in college.

With a bunch of things to do, in Munnar you can get a thrill out of not just trekking or adventure sports. Elephant ride, jeep safaris, rain forest trek are just a few from a long series of exciting things to do in Munnar.

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