Our body needs food to function.

Our body needs food to function.

Eating gives me the greatest pleasure in life. Food is my life, without food we can die. Food is an essential part of one’s life. Food gives us the energy to do the tasks. It gives us nutrients to grow and develop.

The human body is just like a machine. Like a machine that needs fuel to work, our body needs food to function. People usually find it difficult to choose the right diet for themselves. You should have a balanced diet. I love food but that does not mean I eat all day. Between your meals, you should have at least two hours difference.

Types of diet:
There are three types of diets.
1. Balanced diet
2. Diabetic diet
3. Fitness diet

You can choose your diet accordingly. If you are a fitness freak go for a fitness diet which most of the gym trainers or nutritionists will provide you. If you are a diabetes patient you should definitely go for a diabetic diet and stickily avoid the food which your doctor prescribes. Else you can go for a balanced diet.

I always want two things: I want to eat food and reduce my weight. It might sound funny and yes, it is. To reduce weight you should have control over your tongue too. What is food? Basically, food is the flavor of your tongue.
The more you like the taste the more you eat that food.

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