Self doubt, negative body image are some of the issues faced by today’s YOUTH.

Self doubt, negative body image are some of the issues faced by today’s YOUTH.

“What would you do with a body like that? “, ” She/he is so perfect, why can’t you be like that? “, these are some of the questions which the people who don’t fall under the category of ‘perfect’ in the society has to face. Self doubt, negative body image are some of the issues faced by today’s youth, especially the teenagers. Inner beauty is important, the mouths would say but the very next moment the eyes would scan for so called ‘perfect bodies’.

Self love, being confident about yourself, the way one is, has become distant dream for the humans living in this era. Sadly, the ones who try to propagate and motivate the people are judged for the words they use, the attires they wear and they tend to neglect  the actual message they want to convey through it. It’s very important that people realise their self worth and focus on the very fact that there exists something called ‘individual difference’ which should be appreciated.

There exists something in you which no matter how hard someone tries to inculcate, they will fail and there were the word ‘originality’ comes into place. May it be a smallest of quality in you, don’t neglect it and try to tell yourself that those small qualities make you who you are, the qualities people should know  you for. Don’t run after those plastic bodies and layers of make up, you can still be perfect by being the human you are. The change comes when you start believing in yourself, everything in you, the flaws, the thoughts, YOU AS A WHOLE.

See yourself grow and make sure you help the others grow too. So here it is, to everyone which clearly includes the three beautiful genders. What you are, none can ever be. Keep yourself motivated and you will see what differences come up in your life. Every step that you take should portray people that yes, look at that human, so confident! Start loving yourself, each imperfection in you and say to yourself, not everyone has what I have in me.

Trust me, it matters. Love yourself and you will see yourself grow, grow into humans with beautiful mind and soul. Make the word ‘imperfection’ sound like its the perfect body type and tell yourself there exists no ideal body type.

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