Smiling at her determined reflection, she returned back to her classroom.

Smiling at her determined reflection, she returned back to her classroom.

She was thirteen when the first suicide thought crossed her mind. Brought up alone by her father, she grew up and joined high school. Her mother ran away for another man. Her father in the pain of losing his wife, came home drank every night. Her abusive father never took notice of what's happening in his daughter's life. To sustain her living, she took up a part-time job at a nearby cafe. Busy with work, she hardly got time for studies and sleep. She was scolded and punished by her teachers often for her poor grades. They never cared to look into the reason and have a decent talk with her. When complaints were sent home, her father would beat her mercilessly.

Her stout and chubby figure were made fun of at school. She would mask her pain with a faint smile. After a few days, it turned out to be reaching for the extreme. Taunting names grew more and more painful. Wherever she looked, she heard people teasing her. Her friends distanced her from her to avoid being called by names.

Then came days when her father came home once a week. He refused to tell her where he went. One day, as usual, she went to school and as usual, she was hit with strong abusive names. She felt like giving up. Give up to live, to survive in this world. During normal classes, she pulled out her page cutter from her school bag and went to the girl's washroom. Sitting on a stall, she looked at the cutter. Fixing her grip on the cutter, she brought her hand closer and closer.

The closing of a bathroom door broke her out of the trance. She closed the blade of the cutter and put it back in her pocket. She felt terrified. She exited the bathroom and as she was going to pass by the washroom mirror, she glanced up at it. Moving closer, she saw a girl standing with a terrified face. But in the disguise of the terrific face, she could see the strong determined girl in front of her.

Thousands of thoughts crossed her mind at that exact moment. Was it her own self? How could she see the determination in her own broken and lost face? Will she give up? The only answer that stroke through her mind was a big NO. She won't give up. She will be a rebel. She will show them that she is much much stronger than they thought. She will achieve success even if that means that she is a freak. She won't let them drown her.

Smiling at her determined reflection, she returned back to her classroom.

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