So feminism, in one word, stands for equality. In no way does it stand against men.

So feminism, in one word, stands for equality. In no way does it stand against men.

An 8-letter word or a line of thought. Years ago, this 8-letter word embarked on a journey beyond the pages of a dictionary and today here we are, in a world where the word has essentially evolved into a line of thought significant enough to instigate the writing of articles and building of controversies.

So what is feminism- Well, Wikipedia says

“Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.”

So feminism, in one word, stands for equality. In no way does it stand against men.


Indeed, it is a pressing issue when we consider areas where women are still struggling to get permission to work, where women are still married off after college and where they have to give up their work-life for family life. Yes, these things are still expected from women and there we need feminism. When women are objectified in Bollywood songs and cast only for the glam factor, there we need feminism. We need it when our mother cooks at home while our father goes to the office.

We need it for men to understand our worth as equals. 


Women choose to be emotional and they may even choose to like the color pink. But that is a choice made by human. They aren’t their defining features. Being empathetic and being able to express is a very important part of life. Feminism is about owning your choice and fighting for it. It is about being considered as humans with logical thinking and emotional reasoning, way before being considered as “Women”.

Remember an instance when you were being praised. Feeling flattered!. Well, wait for it...and bam! Enters the phrase- despite being a girl. For instance- Despite being a girl, she has achieved a lot in life.


The definition of feminism has, today, sunk deep into oblivion. Women mistake and misuse it to get privileges. Ironically under the umbrella of feminism, women play a part in them being the weaker class and hence asking extra benefits. Today it is sneered upon by many people, as what it brings to head is a bunch of women ranting about their rights, not realizing when in the name of rights, they end up with an edge over the opposite gender. When the perceived notion of feminism stands in rebellion to the very native principle of feminism, that is when the spirit of equality is butchered.

It has been misunderstood and misused to a level where even people believing in equality do not want any sort of association with the word.

Men, on the contrary, treat every tantrum of their women as an act of feminism. The line between PMS and actual legit rights and feminism are all blurred for them. They seem to fit them interchangeably. Some do it in a way of fun and some seriously, but that doesn’t make it right anyway.


Feminism is a significant dawn of realization, the realization that not all women like pink, that women are capable enough to pay their restaurant bill, that they don’t need a specially reserved coach in metros, and certainly do not need free metro rides. Feminism demands equal rights and not privileges.

So the next time before you proudly proclaim that you are an equalist and not a feminist, just do yourself the favor of picking a dictionary and Welcome to the real world.

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