So this is a sad girl whose teen is about to end and the reality is starting to hit

So this is a sad girl whose teen is about to end and the reality is starting to hit

I came across an interesting fact and as a teenager who is about the end, her teen years were shocked to hear this. So here is the fact we only live around 2555 days as a teenager pretty shocking isn't it !?.

These few years are really very important as well as crucial in everyone's life, but come on we only have 2555 days to be carefree young adults who are treated like kids. It is important to think futuristic and take decisions in our life, but these years cannot be relived. In few years we may become a successful entrepreneur like our father expected or best doctor like our mother expected or even a software engineer about whom our families can brag about, but will we get back the golden days, will we get back the same friends with whom we used to play street cricket every evening after a tiring day in school.

Studies and careers are also important as equal as enjoying our teen life, both studies and social life must be carefully balanced. It is the only phase of our life in which our biggest responsibility is to study properly nothing more than that. This is the phase where we meet new people try making friends, cry over heartbreaks, find friends for life or a lesson for life.

We may meet many temporary people who come across our paths not to betray but just to make stronger, the transition from school to college, missing home, missing our school friends with whom we lived an era, this is just one part of our teen life it can't be only sunshine's and rainbow but the brighter side of teen is more interesting.

Finally, be the person you have always wanted to be, enjoy your life to the fullest, wear the dress you always wanted to, ace in a maths test, make friends for life, draw perfect winged liners, wear matching shoes, go to a concert, talk to your parents freely, fall in love, get over your heartbreaks and betrayal, make some stupid and wise choices because you have got only one life to live and a very few years as a teenager so be immature, happy, sad and most importantly smile really very big.

So this is a sad girl whose teen is about to end and the reality is starting to hit me hard.

But remember something whatever happens will happens for good.

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