VOICES : I am questioned for being a girl, questioned for being a bold person.

VOICES : I am questioned for being a girl, questioned for being a bold person.

I hear voices. Voices that make me want to cry. Voices that call me ‘FAT’, ‘UGLY’, ‘DISGUSTING’ and what not. These voices keep telling me I’m worthless, useless and a disgrace. These are the voices of the people around me trying to tell me that I’m not good enough and I should stop being my true self. I hear voices telling me not to stand for what I believe.

I am questioned for being a girl, questioned for being a bold person. But do these voices succeed in crushing my soul?

Well as a young teen, I began to believe that these ‘voices’ will make me a more likeable person. I believed that if I don’t be the person these ‘voices’ wanted me to be, I would be abhorred by everyone around me. All this made me feel abject because I was not being my natural self. One fine day I began to think.

“What if I go against all these voices?” “What would happen if I do so?” The only way to find answers to these questions was to actually be ‘me’. I decided that I am not going to let these voices be the cause of the destruction of ‘me’. I was determined to be unaffected by these voices. I decided to be me,  a person who is bold, confident, intolerant to negativity and not to vacillate from being my true self.

I started to tell myself,” I’m beautiful from inside and out. It was never the voices and shall never be.”

I have become more confident, bold and outspoken. These voices were always there and will always be there. But I chose myself over them. I chose to believe in what I do, believe that I can be anything I want, believe that nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.

My life is now filled with people who love me for who I am, believe in what I do and look up to me. I found the answer to my question: I go against the voices, they begin pressure me more. But because I chose to be myself, the pressure doesn’t bother me.

It is very important for one to remember to be themselves. Voices are always going to be there, voices that will try to bring you down. It is the choice one makes that makes the difference. Either the choice to listen and do what the voices say or be your true self. Life becomes vapid when these voices being to control who you truly are.

They are vexing and can cause distress. Always believe in yourself, believe in what you do, believe that you can do anything and be your awesome self.

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