Water : Saw the water in the jug was overflowing.

Water : Saw the water in the jug was overflowing.

I was in the kitchen, busy cooking and our maid was busy sweeping the floor with a bucket full of water. There was no electricity and hence I had put a jug under aqua guard to get it filled up to the broom when electricity comes back.

In the mean time I when to the balcony and saw a bird sitting on the window sill,  looked all exhausted and needed water in the scorching heat. As soon as I rushed into the kitchen, I saw the water in the jug was overflowing. I turned of the filter and fetched a bowl of water for the little cute intruder. When I came back I saw much unfiltered water coming out if the pipe from the Aqua guard. Although,  thinking the water to be of no use I did not care about it much and continued with my errands.

My little neighbour asked me to help her out with a poem and the first line of the verse- “Water Water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” hit my mind,  remembering about the water coming out of the pipe, I put a big pan under it and resolved to never waste even a drop of water. After completing the poem when I went back I was shocked to see the whole pan (half bucket) full with water. I was embarrassed. Birds are dying out, many areas are witnessing drought and people like us who call ourselves educated pay no need to conserving the elixir of our lives.

I learnt my lesson and did my part,  it’s your job now!

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