Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink?

Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink?

Humankind has inched towards a perilous situation. Owing to the actions of mankind, our environment has suffered blows in all its dimensions.

Is it not an irony that we send space exploration missions to Mars looking for evidence of water but our own activities have pushed the earth, a planet suitable for sustaining life to a grave situation? Species after species of animals, insects and birds are being obliterated from the face of the earth and it is only a matter of time when humankind will face the same fate.

A report has presented facts and figures which specifies that India will soon be bereft of water. Either water is fast depleting or available water is too polluted for human consumption. Ice is melting at a rapid rate and images of emaciated polar bears digging through heaps of plastic and toxic dump for food is becoming prominent all over social media.

The dangerous position that we have landed ourselves in does not just deal with the question of water. Look at climate change which is brought about by global warming. Climate change has affected our weather cycle to create a shift in seasons.

Powerful evidence is at hand which indicates that seasonal temperatures are not a myth but has been brought about by global warming. These evidences are presented by scientists studying the troposphere. Climate change has culminated a change in the way seasons ‘behave’.

It is time to redefine the different seasons. Rainfall replenishes the groundwater table but suppose, during the monsoon season a location receives scarce rainfall, what happens next? Refilling of the groundwater table will not happen. And if groundwater does not get refilled, people will perish owing to shortage of water.

Environmental conservation is spoken at length in newspaper articles and magazines alike. Numerous shows solely focus on this topic. We glance through the article in the newspapers or skip through the shows when they air on our television sets. Even when we watch these shows, do we actively take up measures to change ourselves and promote conservation of the environment?

Our future generations will not find the description of the earth as a ‘blue’ planet anymore. The image will be starkly different and the onus is on us to pick up the pace in the conservation of the earth in view of the fact that we clearly aren’t doing enough for the earth.

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