Women Empowerment : The Great Indian Abla Nari.

Women Empowerment : The Great Indian Abla Nari.

In the great Indian mythology women goddess have played a very prominent role, they were shown as an independent, evil destroying, powerful force, who award justice to the helpless ones.

All this seems so motivational, right!

But wait, its India the country which has the award of the most dangerous country for women and whose capital owns the title of the “rape capital”.

From the very old times, Indian women have played a supporting role in their family, they have always been the one who is dependent on others, has no decision power.

Why women cannot make her own decisions?

Why she is accountable to the society?

Why at all she has to think of everyone else except herself?

Why cannot she decide on what she wants for her?

It takes women 9 months to give birth to a life and these 9 months take on a women’s life, career, aspirations, dreams.

Her life changes after giving birth to a new life.

Is it unhuman, if a women wants to pursue her dreams?

Is it unhuman, if a women wants to focus on her career?

Is it unhuman, if a women has aspirations in her life?

These are some questions which we as a society need to think upon.

If we in 21st century claim to be independent then a women has 100% right to make a decision on abortion and its her choice what she wants for her.

But unfortunately, women do not hold this freedom, in our society, and they never will.

Yes! You herd me right they never will until these type of articles talking about women empowerment are written by men.

The women have to take the driving seat and has to take the charge to express herself, she has to fight for her rights in this demotivating society.

Jai Hind!

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